Where Should An Outdoor Fireplace Be Placed

When it comes to deciding the perfect positioning of an outdoor fireplace, you have to consider several factors and be careful. You need to keep it practical and visually appealing. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to discuss where should be an outdoor fireplace be placed according to masonry contractors.

Wind Direction

The first important factor you need to consider while positioning an outdoor fireplace is the wind direction since you plan on installing it outdoor. Depending on the area where you live, the wind direction can be unexpected. Furthermore, the intensity might vary as well.

While you cannot fight the unexpected, there are certain trends throughout the year that you should value. There is no point in installing an outdoor fireplace without considering the air direction. The reason is that if you were to use the fireplace during winters and the wind happens to be blowing across it, you will not receive any warmth.

With that being said, you need to consider the time of the year you are going to be using it the most. Homeowners tend to install a shelter and place the fireplace inside, which keeps everything cool and comfortable.

Available Space Is Key

While positioning an outdoor fireplace you need to make space. If you are tight on it, then you will need to be careful about the seating plan. The point is that your family members, as well as friends, can gather for a nice cup of coffee while enjoying the fireplace.

Typically, outdoor fireplaces are installed against a wall or along a fence. It depends on the preference and the available space. If the fireplace can seat only four people at a time, there is no point in installing it at a particular location. You should look for another point or area that keeps things comfortable and enjoyable.

The Million-Dollar View

If you were not aware, an outdoor fireplace can provide a huge benefit of creating privacy and blocking the wind. However, for that, you need to consider its width and height. On the other hand, all this can backfire if the fireplace is positioned in front of a million-dollar view. Therefore, you need to ensure that the fireplace is positioned at a spot that does not compromise the a stunning view. If you have a backyard patio, make the fireplace is not blocking the landscape.

With a million-dollar view on one side, you need to plan the positioning of your fireplace accordingly so that the seating plan isn’t compromised either. Otherwise, you and your guests will only be staring at the fireplace while turning 180 degrees each time to have a look at the spectacular view.


Apart from positioning the fireplace perfectly, the foundation needs to be strong too. If the foundation is weak and soft, the fireplace can become uneven or lose its place. If the foundation is too soft, simply make it strong before you install the fireplace.

Legal Requirements

Although one would like to install an outdoor fireplace wherever there is space, unfortunately, that is not possible. In some states, there are strict laws regarding the installation and positioning of the outdoor fireplace. If you ignore these laws, you might run into serious legal trouble down the road.

There are also restrictions regarding wood-burning fireplaces if you live near an airport. Additionally, the fireplace should not be too near to the shrubs and trees. To get around such laws, you will need to consult your local council.

Consult A Professional

Even though installing an outdoor fireplace may seem exciting, the process is not that easy. You might have finalized an area for the fireplace only for the contractor to inform you that it cannot be installed at the particular spot.

This is why it is advised to get a suggestion from a professional. He will share the pros and cons and help you decide the perfect spot whether you like it or not initially. The key is to make the place as safe as possible while keeping everyone warm and cozy.

Final Word

In the end, consider wind direction, view, safety, legal requirements, and the input of your outdoor fireplace builder Long Island to make the process smooth. If you manage to position the fireplace properly, you might also increase the resale value of your property.

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