Can Hair Highlights Ruin Your Hair

It is up to you either you want to live with healthy hair and highlights or with damaged strands and drama.

The answer to your question, “can hair highlights ruin your hair?” or “Should I ever visit a hair highlights salon again?” isn’t a bland ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. It’s complicated and depends primarily on your hair colorist. Let’s see in detail.

Why Highlighting Your Hair Depends Mainly On Your Hair Colorist?

I am sure you were expecting the same basic thing that hair highlight depends on your hair, color, after-care etc. etc. Yes, it depends on these too.

But my own personal experience made me believe that your choice of hair colorist matters the most. How?

If you have already ruined your hair strands with someone unprofessional (my apologies), you know now why it is important.

A professional hair colorist will be more than happy to explain the process and discuss with you about the after visits. Moreover, your professional hair colorist will have a look at your hair to see if they can bear chemical processing.

Can Hair Highlights Damage Your Hair, Yes Or No?

Now come back to factors hair damaging depends upon. Are you doing it on your own?

Well, that too counts as a factor because you might damage your hair strands in an attempt to highlight them. But, if you still insist on DIY hair highlighting, here’s what you don’t know.

  • You cannot go from too dark to too pale
  • Bleach will definitely weaken your hair follicles
  • Do not over-process the foils
  • Don’t overlap while applying bleach

Other than these, a professional better knows the techniques to maintain your hair health and growth.

But yeah, no one’s discouraging you to never highlight your hair on your own. Many do it, and they do it perfectly while maintaining their hair health.

Pro Tip: Don’t run for the process; watch your steps first. The point I am struggling to make is, it’s better to learn the process first and then take the risk for your hair.

The Answer

Now the answer is not a bland, but a mixed yes. The bleach will definitely damage your hair. And that is why it is not recommended for youngsters till a certain age.

But, you can cover up the damage with conditioning highlights. And of course, a massive amount of after-care and hair-care products are needed for your hair.

Also, it is advised to not try going platinum from dark hair. It requires a lot of bleaching, ultimately resulting in a lot of damage. You can do this slowly. Like, go for a bit of light first. Then, a little more again and so on till you get what you want.

What Can Protect Your Hair From Getting Damaged?

Your Hair Health

Hair colorists are dying to make you understand that you cannot bleach your weak hair. It will damage your already damaged hair. So, it is better to first maintain the good health of your hair and then go for the process.

And if you think your hair is already healthy and hydrated to bear the chemicals, go for it.

No More Chemicals

Coloring your hair is already a lot of chemicals. So, it is advised by professionals to avoid using more chemicals on your hair after highlights and apply more oils and organic masks on them to maintain their natural oils and hydration. All in all, be specific and natural as more as possible.

Say No To Heat

Applying heat tools on your new hair highlights is a No, No. Ask some professional near you about how soon it is too soon before you curl or straighten your hair. According to the professionals, you should at least avoid heat tools for 3-4 weeks after bleaching your hair.

Tip: Better invest in a good silk pillowcase and a microfiber towel. These both will protect your hair from getting plucked and will smoothly look after your hair.

Opt For Damage-Free Hair Colors

Now there are hair colors that claim to be damage-free, and they are to some extent. For instance, if the damage percentage was 85% before, it can be 50% or less with organic hair color. Also, it is good for short highlights to lessen the damage. So, visit a balayage salon for a coloring treatment that suits your hair. hypno

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