7 Things I Have Learned After Getting A Keratin Treatment

Everything you go through in life leaves you with a lesson to remember — be it a good experience or a bad one. There are lots of things you can’t learn before the process, and it’s only after the process that you see things in a much clearer way. Same is with a keratin treatment by hair stylist. Read below to know the things I learned after the straightening treatment.

Myth busted – you don’t have to wait for a certain period of time to touch or tie your hair

There are so many hearsays that aren’t even true and people still believe them. One of those widely believed false things is, ‘’no tucking’’ aka ‘’no touching’’ of the hair until a week or less than that. As a matter of fact, you just don’t have to go harsh on your hair, everything is fine beside that. You can tuck your hair behind your ear any time without fearing the fate of your newly straightened hair. You can get yourself a ponytail within a few hours provided you don’t pull your hair too hard.

A healthy keratin treatment can last for 6 months easily

There’s another false thing you must have been hearing from different sources that keratin lasts for 3 months at max. No, it does not. It has the potential to last much longer than what you’ve been told.

Keratin can easily last for 6 good months provided you are doing everything that falls under the category of aftercare. Its effects linger on for a year or so — you don’t need to get a second-time keratin hair straightening in less than 1 or 1 and a half years.

There’s no prerequisite of waiting until 48 hours have passed to get your hair wet

People scare you off by saying that you will be forbidden to soak your hair for 48 days at the least. Good news, folks! This one also turns out to be a mere rumor which you don’t need to heed. You shouldn’t be dreading water for 2 days after getting the hair straightening treatment. There are some salons that suggest avoiding shampoo for 24-48 hours instead of plain water. You can barge in and get a shower the same night sans fearing any serious damage to your keratin-treated hair.

There’s nothing scary about formaldehyde unlike the hearsay

People often try to scare the bejeebers out of you saying that keratin tends to involve a chemical that ruins your hair’s core nature to some extent. At the point of finishing, it does release a gas called formaldehyde and the damage it does to your hair is minimal-est. Hence, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Cezanne perfect finish isn’t as good as the one with formaldehyde

Of course, you can avoid formaldehyde if you want — it is not an absolute essential for a keratin treatment. Keratin can be done sans formaldehyde albeit the results a formaldehyde-free process provides is not even in close proximity with that of the one involving formaldehyde. If you are somebody who does not want to bear 1% potential damage, you can surely go for a Cezanne — it fades quicker than the latter but it is 100% safe too.

Reviews are not really trustworthy

People often visit a salon’s website to read customer reviews before deciding on something. Here’s what you might need to know, reviews aren’t always worth trusting. There are so many businesses that get fake reviews written on their websites only to dupe the potential customers into believing how great their services are. Do not fall prey to this clever PR trick and skim through everything carefully to make a wise decision.

DIY Keratin isn’t a great idea. You can’t expect salon results

Many people, these days, try to do everything on their own and keratin treatment stands no exception. There are keratin kits which help you save your money and get it done at home for cheap but mind you, a DIY keratin treatment isn’t a great idea because you are not guaranteed to get as fine a result as you are going to get at a keratin treatments salon. If you want a flawless and immaculate Keratin straightening, salon is the best option to rely on. hypno

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