10 Awesome Graduation Party Themes

No doubt, graduation is a huge milestone and it must be celebrated. But it’s kind of overwhelming as well and hence hard to plan.  You can get stuck and feel the undue pressure of making your grad day a memorable one. If you’re feeling the same, you’ve landed on the right page. This guide will give you a list of grad party themes to pick from, so you can have an idea of what you’re going to do and what to discuss with party tent rentals. Let’s get started now and make your themed grad party a memorable one.

Disco Graduation Party

Music is something that you first think of while planning a party with friends. So, a disco theme can be your first option. It’s a classic one and we don’t think it’s ever getting outdated.

For this theme, decorate your space with glittery decorations, disco balls, and a lot of lights. Make sure, your sound system works fine and you’ve got groovy snacks to serve, such as cocktail bites and fondue.

You can also ask your guests to dress up in their best disco attire and don’t forget to blast the speakers with some classic disco hits.

Art Themed Graduation Party

This theme is specially for all the art girlies out there. It’s your call to have art therapy with your friends and a graduation celebration at the same time.

For this theme, we suggest you set up your backyard as it’s good to be among nature when you’re painting. Serve up some baked goods and light snacks with that. Let the artist in you come out.

You can also play some background music for the vibe. And ask your guests to wear some casual light clothes. This will set such a Pinteresty vibe that your friends’ never going to forget.

Pool Graduation Party

Though you’ve graduated, you’re still young and vibrant. And we know youngsters love such fun ideas. Plus, who won’t love a good pool party? Unless it’s chilly out there.

But, if it’s summer, you know what to do. Cool off the heat with a good, memorable pool party with your friends. Ask your guests to wear their favorite swimsuits and throw in some pool floats.

Also, set up a bar and grill. Good food and refreshing drinks will double up the fun. But, don’t forget to keep sunscreen and towels handy.

Chill Outdoor Movie Party

You’ve dealt with a lot of chaotic days and hectic routines during your graduation journey. So, why not compensate for that now and just chill for an evening with your friends? This outdoor movie party theme is getting quite popular among grads now, as they’re adopting a more chilled and low-key life.

So, if you’re like one of those students, set up a movie screen and comfy seating in your backyard and just chill. Arrange good and cozy lighting around and ask your friends to bring their blankets and pillows.

Picnic Themed Graduation Party

Gone are the days when younger people just wanted to be glued to their screens or wanted full music-blasting, loud, and shimmery celebrations. They’re turning back to nature now, even for the sake of aesthetics.

So, throwing a picnic-themed grad party would be a great idea. For this theme, you don’t even need to decorate much, nature would be your best backdrop.

All you need is a picnic bucket, a blanket, and a group of friends who are graduating with you. Ask everyone to bring their favorite dish for the picnic and you can arrange some disposables.

Just remember to be careful about the cleanliness of your surroundings, if you’re having a picnic party in a public park.

Potluck Themed Party

This theme would be great if all of your friends have a different cultural background. You can ask them to dress up according to their culture and bring their favorite food from their culture.

To make it more intentional, you can add up some festive accents like coordinated decor and graduation caps. This will give you guys a chance to see deep into each other’s roots and connect at a deeper level.

It’s a good chance to try different cultural dishes and the food that your friend has always loved since childhood. Also, who doesn’t like a food-centered gathering? This will also make the party planning easier because you won’t have to prepare or order all the food yourself. However, you would be required to hire a venue, party chair rentals Rockland NY, and others.

“Oh, The Places You Will Go” Graduation Theme Party

This theme is a pretty nostalgic one and you and your friends would love this idea, especially if you’ve read Dr. Suess’s book of the same title in your childhood. So, this themed party would be marked as a celebration of being a kid for the one last time.

For this theme, you can decorate the space with travel-inspired stuff, like paper planes and the world map. You can add a huge world map backdrop and ask your friends to circle the countries they’re going to visit with their names on it.

You can even set up a DIY photo booth with different countries as background and ask your friends to get clicked in front of the countries they’re going to visit. It’ll be a sweet little memory for them and for you as well. Also, it’ll set an inspiration for them.

Major Themed Party

Don’t forget that a graduation party is always about celebrating a milestone. So, you could just celebrate what you’ve majored in or going to. That’s going to be super inspirational as well.

For instance, if you did something in the medical field, you could just incorporate that in the decor, such as turning the beakers into vases or setting up a photo booth with science-themed props.

Also, you could just ask everyone to say a few words about what they’ve learned and how they’re going to pursue this in the future. It’s a good chance to discuss everyone’s plans and dreams about the future.

“Donut You Forget About Me” Themed Party

With Graduation, when on one side you’re reaching a milestone, on the other side, a very beautiful phase of your life is ending. It’s the life that you’re always going to look back at and smile. You can never be that young and carefree again.

And you could incorporate a feeling of that in your grad party as well. Also, it’s a nice way to express your sentiments. For this theme, call your friends over and make some yummy donuts together. Ask them to get dressed in their casual and comfy attires and bring along some refreshing drinks.

Time Capsule-Themed Party

Well, that’s going to be quite fun, this theme. And you must try it. It’s like predicting the future. So, all of you have to bring along a pen and a piece of paper, each one of you then write what you think of your future, let’s say five years ahead, and put that paper in a nicely decorated box.

Put that box away and then come back after five years to see whether you guys have achieved what you wished for or not. It’s going to be quite inspirational!


No matter what theme you’re going to pick, just remember, at the end of the day, it all comes down to celebrating your achievements with your loved ones. So, don’t stress out, and make sure you have fun with whatever you pick and then communicate that with party rentals Rockland NY and vendors.

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