My Commercial Freezer Will Freeze Meat But Not Ice Cream

Sounds familiar? Yes, it is not just you! This is, in fact, a pretty common occurrence. Many people notice a drop in their freezer’s cooling power as time passes, and there are a few key reasons why that happens and one of the reason could be that it needs commercial freezer repair. Let us take a look!

Your Freezer Is Not Placed In A Location That Is Ideal For Efficient Cooling

If your freezer is placed somewhere where the outside temperature is too hot, or it is too close to the wall and the fins on the back cannot dissipate heat properly, the cooling inside will be affected.

The Items Inside The Freezer Compartment Are Blocking Proper Airflow

There needs to be a proper flow of air inside the compartment to ensure that heat is taken away from the warmer object and out, while the air inside the compartment is cooled. This process will be harder if the vents are blocked.

Your Thermostat Is Not Set To The Right Temperature Or Is Broken

The thermostat is what tells your freezer if the internal temperature inside the compartment has reached the required temperature. If you have set it too low, it might not provide enough cooling to keep your ice cream frozen. Same if the thermostat is broken. Regular freezer maintenance will prevent this issue.

You Open And Close The Freezer Compartment Way Too Frequently

Constantly opening and closing a freezer door interrupts the flow of cooler air through the compartment, as well as lets in hot air from the outside of the freezer to rush in every time.

Your Freezer Has Only A Few Items In It At Any Given Time

The more items your commercial freezer has, the less surface area it will have to effectively freeze. Moreover, the items that are already frozen will help regulate cold air flow to the unfrozen item, helping it freeze quicker.

You Have A Leak In The Condenser Pipes Or Low Level Of Refrigerant

If the refrigerant level in your freezer gets low, the freezer will not be able to reach its lowest temperature. In extreme cases, the freezer will stop cooling anything at all. Make sure to get this addressed promptly before it becomes a serious issue.

Your Compressor Motor Has Degraded In Efficiency Due To Wear & Tear

The compressor is basically a motor responsible for compressing, pumping and circulating the refrigerant in your refrigerator or freezer. However, unlike refrigerators, since the temperature in a freezer should always be maintained below freezing point, the compressor has to work extra hard and is more prone to degradation with time.

You Do Not Have A Tight Seal On The Door Of The Freezer Compartment

It is important that the freezer compartment is air tight at all times to ensure that there is no loss of cooling power due to warm air from the inside seeping into the compartment from a crack in the doors.

The Heat Exchange Coils On The Back Of The Freezer Are Covered In Dust

Without proper care, dust will accumulate onto the coils at the back of the freezer used to dispel heat from inside the compartment and keep it at freezing temperature. As a result, the coils will not be able to get rid of the heat fast enough and the cooling inside the freezer will suffer.

And there you have it, these are all the reasons why ice cream in your freezer still seems to have half melted. The reason that only something like an ice cream is affected while other items, like meat products seem to stay frosted just fine has to do with the fact that an the former requires much lower temperatures to maintain its solid state compared to the latter, which is already solid and has a considerable amount of water content, which only needs to freeze at about 0 degrees. This may not seem like a problem for most people, but if the above steps are not addressed, they have a tendency to turn into much more serious issues down the road for your commercial freezer. In the event of an eventual breakdown, however, keep in mind to only consult with an expert commercial refrigerator service Northern VA.

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