Deep Fryer Repair: 5 Deep Fryer Maintenance Tips

As a restaurant owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your deep fryer in good condition. There are plenty of ways in which you can make it possible. Some of these ways as given by deep fryer repair professionals include:

Keep it clean

Everything begins here. There is no way you are going to keep your deep fryer in top condition when it’s dirty. When you allow a lot of grease to buildup in your appliance, it becomes a fire hazard.

A dirty deep fryer also tends to be unhygienic. For your kitchen to be hygienic and keep fires away, you need to ensure that your deep fryer is clean all the time. This calls for you to wipe down the exterior of the deep fryer after every shift, or at least once every day.

At the end of every day, send fry baskets through the dishwasher. This is to clean them. You should let the baskets dry out completely before you put them back.

At least once every six months, deep clean the deep fryer. For ideal results, ensure that you follow the manufacturer instructions for a “bail-out”.

Replace the oil regularly

The deep fryer can’t fry without oil. Unfortunately, when you allow the oil to stand for a long time, you tend to give the food an unpleasant taste. The old oil also tends to cause the food products to brown faster as they don’t cook as well as they are supposed to.

For example, French fries tend to look brown, but they are still soggy.

For you to avoid this, you should replace the oil regularly. The frequency at which you do it depends on how you use your commercial deep fryer. For you to tell the right time you should replace the oil you should cook a certain food item twice a day for a few days while tasting it.

When you notice a change in taste, that’s the time when you should replace the oil. When you are changing the oil, remember to do it when it’s cool so that it can be safe to handle. The best time to do it in the morning, before the first shift.

If you have a small restaurant you should replace the oil by yourself, but if the restaurant is large and you can’t do it, you should appoint a dedicated person to help you out.

Some restaurant owners have problems discarding the oil as they deem it as wastage. Remember that old oil translates to bad food and an awful restaurant. So, for you to maintain the great reputation of your restaurant, don’t shy away from discarding the oil when the time is right.

Keep an eye on the oil temperature

The temperature that you run the deep fryer on not only determines the quality of food that you will get, it also determines the working of the machine. For you to avoid running the machine too hot or too cold you should regularly check the temperature.

The oil that you are using tends to change the temperature; therefore, you should always calibrate your machine whenever you change the oil.

Clean and change the filter

The role of the filter is to trap food debris from the oil which aids in keeping the oil clean and usable for a long time. For you to have clean oil, it’s recommended that you filter the oil at least twice a day.

Many people simply use the oil filter and fail to take good care of it. You should note that oil filters need to be changed regularly. The steps of changing them depend on the manufacturer. For you to have an easy time doing it, always follow the instructions given by the deep fryer manufacturer.

Safety should be your first priority

As mentioned above, grease poses a great danger to you and your property; therefore, you should be cautious when handling the deep fryer. As rule of thumb, ensure that you educate the people that will be handling the machine so that they don’t create a mess.

Commercial appliance repairs Springfield professionals recommend that you equip your deep fryer with a temperature-limiting device that will shut off the fuel or energy in the event the cooling oil exceeds a certain temperature.

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