How to stop a chimney fire?

A lot of damage, both to property and to people, is done every year due to chimney fires. Many people do not realize but a lot of the fire related accidents actually involve chimney fires. It cannot only damage your property but can also put yours and your family’s life at risk. However, chimney fires can be prevented if chimneys are given the proper attention that they require via regular chimney inspection. Unclean, uninspected chimneys often lead to chimney fires. Y

Ways to stop chimney fires

You can enjoy the warmth of your fireplace without worrying about a chimney fire by just simply following these tips.

Use a chimney cap

A lot of people do not understand the necessity of a chimney cap. However, chimney caps help a lot in preventing chimney fires. A lot of times birds build their nests inside the flue, or leaves fall inside. They can easily trigger a chimney fire. A chimney cap will not only prevent the chimney fire but will also keep any debris out. So if you are planning to build a chimneyhome addition, do consider using chimney cap.

Moreover, it also prevents the smoke from the fireplace from reentering the chimney and into the house. Chimney caps can be installed yourself. Just like chimney cleaning, you will find a lot of material online to help you with that. However, you can also get it done professionally.

Clean your chimneys regularly

One of the main reasons that chimneys catch fire is because they are unclean. If you inspect your chimney, make sure to scratch it and check the buildup on the walls of the chimney. The buildup should not sit there once it is 1/8th inches thick. If you notice a buildup as thick as 1/8th inches, you should clean it immediately.

For every 1/8th inch of buildup, your chimney requires a cleanup. You can clean it yourself by using a wide chimney brush. Tutorials and details of chimney cleaning are easily available online now, thanks to technology. However, if you do not want to clean chimneys yourself, you can also hire professionals to clean it for you. T

The professionals will definitely clean it thoroughly with a guaranteed result. Along with chimney cleaning, you should also annually inspect your chimney for traces of any defects that may lead to a chimney fire. Annual inspections are extremely important. Sometimes many defects are not visible to us, but with the help of an inspection by the professionals, you may find something. If necessary, the professionals will also clean the chimney for you. There are different levels of chimney inspections. You should consult the professionals and ask them which level of inspection does your chimney require. It is always better to get the chimney thoroughly inspected so that you do not miss any trace of a defect or damage.

Prevent creosote buildup

One of the main things that fuel a chimney fire is creosote buildup. Minimizing creosote buildup can help prevent chimney fires. You can keep your creosote buildup to a minimal by following these simple tips. Use dried seasoned hardwood with a moisture content of 20 percent maximum. The hardwood should be dried for 6 months minimum. You can use a wood a moisture meter to check the moisture content in a wood. Insulate your chimney’s flue liner to prevent the flue temperature from dropping. Cooler flue temperatures can lead to creosote buildup and fuel a chimney fire. During a fire, keep the damper open to maintain proper airflow.


A chimney only requires proper care and regular cleaning for it to prevent a chimney a fire. If you get your chimneys cleaned by chimney cleaning services Columbia MD and follow some simple tips mentioned above, you are good to go.


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