8 Popular Home Additions That Are Worth Your Money

There are many reasons one might be interested in a home remodeling addition project, and one of the most common of those is to make back the money several fold when it comes time to sell the house. If that is your goal, here are some things you should be looking to add to your home.

Build Up and Add A Second Story to Your Home

This is one type of home addition that adds the most value to your home, but is also the most expensive and demands the highest amount of commitment going in. The reason this addition is so popular is because by building up, you are essentially getting double the amount of your current living space without losing on any floor space.

Add A Master Suite Complete with Amenities

Adding a full-fledged master suite, either as a bump out addition to your home or a separate construction, or by turning an unused garage space to one, you can target upscale buyers who often have guests on premises or have house help that they need to accommodate.

Expand Your Existing Kitchen or Add A Second One

This is not only a good home addition idea from a rate of return perspective, it is also quite practical, especially if your existing kitchen is quite small. A simple renovation would most likely not cut it in your case and what you need is either expanding the size of it, or getting another one altogether for times when you have guests over or having a party.

Invest in a Brand-New Bathroom Addition

This, once again, is an excellent home addition idea solely due to the practicality of it. If your home has too few bathrooms, a buyer might get turned off, so investing in some extra ones is the obvious course of action one should take before putting such a property for sale.

Add A Cool New Outdoor Deck to Your Home

A deck is not only a practical home addition, it also adds tremendous curb value to your home and the combination of these two things translate to much higher market value compared to before.

Get A Swimming Pool for The Whole Family to Dip In

The building swimming pool at home can be a great selling point in places that get extremely hot during the summers, and the occupants would pay anything just to get a dip in the cool water. It’s also great for those willing to host cookouts besides the pool or have pool parties.

Get Additional Bedrooms for Guests or New Family Members

Bedroom addition is another one of those practical home additions that you can never go wrong with. A lot of the time, those looking for a new home are families who started out with just two people, but as their family grows and their old home is no longer sufficient to accommodate all the new members, they want to switch to a place offering plenty of individual bedrooms for everyone. Some would just appreciate the addition for times when they have a guest over.

Opt for An Attached or Separate Home Office for Professionals

When it comes to smart home additions, you can’t get any more practical and more specific than a separate home office. A lot of people, especially lately, have been looking into work from home gigs, and a home office would be a godsend to them.

By following these smart ideas, you can drastically improve the value of your home before you put it up for sale. Remember, when going into a home addition project for the sole purpose of increasing its market value, you have to think about it from the perspective of a buyer. Step into their shoes and consider what they would be looking for when buying a new home.

Depending on who your potential buyer is, you can target niche needs, or go the safe route and make general living space improvements. Because at the end of the day, you will only get the asking price if the buyer likes what you are offering, and thinks that the cost justifies the value they will get from their investment into your home. Also, get quotes from multiple home addition companies DC, and any quote too low or too high should be disregarded.

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