6 Important Fireplace Safety Tips

Fireplaces are designed to add warmth and vibrance to your house. However, one should not forget that these are also one of the most popular reasons behind homes catching fire. Therefore, it is important you practice fireplace safety standards and perform chimney inspection regularly to keep your family and your house safe from harm. Follow for fireplace safety tips.

Don’t Use Chemicals

The first thing you need to consider is that fireplaces should not include chemicals. Some homeowners tend to use kerosene, gasoline or other types of chemicals which not only keeps the fire burning but also might expand it. Apart from items surrounding the fireplace catching fire, these chemicals pose a serious health risk by releasing toxins. Therefore, avoid using anything that brings harm to the house.

Choose the Right Wood

When it comes to setting up a fireplace, homeowners tend to use any type of firewood they can find. That is not the right way to do things. You should only use firewood, which is the most common choice. However, that does not mean you cannot use different types of woods. You can, but keep in mind that different types burn differently. Oak along with hard wood tends to burn comparatively longer than soft woods, which does not burn very fast but fiercely. Additionally, if you don’t dry soft woods before use, you would experience increase in creosote buildup, which would need more frequent cleaning.

Store The Wood Properly

Storing the firewood properly is as necessary as buying the right type. It is recommended that you purchase firewood for the next year as well so that you can ensure it has dried properly. At the same time, you should also ensure that the woods are stored in a place where air and moisture cannot access them. In case of rain or during winter seasons, the firewood can easily become wet and will not burn properly. You should always use properly dried wood for the fireplace.

Keep The Children Away

Children are known to touch things they shouldn’t and a fireplace is one of those. Irrespective of using or not using the fireplace, you should keep your children away from it. The last thing you would want is your kid throwing in some fuel or chemical and causing a huge fire in the house. To avoid such situations, you should never allow your children to be alone in the room when the fireplace is burning. Keep your attention focused towards their movements and implement strict rules about going near.

Clean The Chimney

Apart from using the right type of wood and keeping the children away, you should also clean the chimney. Overtime, the creosote buildup can also contribute to a chimney fire. Although you should clean the chimney regularly but also hire a professional who thoroughly cleans it from the inside. Furthermore, some creosote buildup will also fall to the ground, which you need to clean. If you ignore, the material can catch fire, creating problems for you as well as the entire house.

Additionally, during the summer season when the fireplace is not in use, you should cover it. The reason is that birds can make nests, which might require cleaning. Always check for blockages before using the fireplace after a long time.

Make Sure Fireplace Is Out After Usage

Once you are done using the fireplace, you should make sure that it is completely out before leaving it unattended. There have been many cases where homeowners had left the fireplace burning while going to sleep. This is you putting the entire house in grave danger. Sometimes, it might look as if the fireplace is out but it might still be burning somewhere in between. Therefore, do not leave the fireplace until it is completely out.

Final Word

A fireplace can work in your favor if you use it the right way. Make sure that you use the right type of wood and maintain the chimney. Plus, keep the children away and never use any chemicals to set up the fireplace. And once you are done using it, make sure it is completely out. Plus, you should have the fireplace and chimney cleaned annually by chimney sweep services Columbia MD.

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