A commercial steamer repaid guide

Without a doubt, commercial steamers are very essential for restaurants since they allow you to prepare healthier dishes. In fact, steaming is regarded as one of the most efficient cooking techniques. However, if your steamer breaks down, you will need commercial steamer repair. This is where things become a bit more complicated.

If your restaurant promotes healthy cuisine and eating, a commercial steamer is a must-have for your establishment. And, since this equipment will be a focal point in your business kitchen, it must be efficient and functional at all times. Otherwise, a closure will cost you a lot of money in lost revenue.

Maintaining the commercial steamer

Cleaning is one of the most essential elements of a commercial steamer. This is necessary to prevent food contamination. After all, it is very essential for sanitary reasons. So, let us have a look at some of the suggestions that may assist you in maintaining your commercial steamer.

Allow it to soak

Food particles may get trapped in the cooking apparatus at times. The same is true for commercial steamers. As a result, it is essential that you immerse the commercial steamer in warm water. Make sure to use soap for this reason, as it will aid in the removal of food particles that have become lodged within.

We recommend removing the lid and drip tray from larger steamers. Then, before using them again, thoroughly wash and disinfect them with warm water

Especially now that COVID-19 is rapidly approaching, it is essential that we all exercise extreme caution when it comes to cleanliness.

Turn it off and empty it

Many individuals do not turn off and dump their commercial steamer after a steaming session. This may be a risky technique since it exposes the meal to a lot of bacteria. As a result, be careful to turn off the steamer after each usage. Then, drain the steam and remove the water from the steamer’s drip tray. Allow the steamer to cool completely before starting the next cooking cycle.

Cleaning it

After cleaning the whole steamer with a piece of cloth, you should consider washing it. Simply ensure that the steamer is switched off, so the electric plug is unplugged from the power source. Then, wash the steamer, taking care not to allow the steamer’s electric socket come into touch with water.

Also, try de-liming the steamer and all commercial appliances every now and again. This is due to the fact that lime buildup in the equipment may cause the heating element to malfunction. So, keep in mind to wipe off any such build-ups from your gadget.

Keeping your gadget operating for an extended period of time

It is essential to follow specific guidelines if you want to get the most out of your business steamers (or any other industrial equipment in your kitchen). First and foremost, ensure that your steamer’s filters are changed on a regular basis. Then, inspect any loose covers and malfunctioning controls. This will assist you in detecting issues before they occur.

At the same time, avoid turning on the steamer if there is no water in it. This may cause the heating coil to malfunction, resulting in an equipment shutdown.


The tips that we have added in this article are bound to help you determine the best course of action if your commercial steamer is showing a fault. However, getting help from professionals is also highly recommended if you want to tackle the problem swiftly.

Finally, if you think that anything is amiss with your appliance, contact commercial appliance repair Springfield companies immediately. This will assist you in resolving any problems as soon as possible.

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