What Are The Hair Colors That Don’t Require Bleaching

Every woman loves to change her hair color once in a while. Some even mix colors by getting balayage hair highlights. But what scares them the most is the hazard and effects of bleach on their hair. Here are some amazing hair colors which not only look great, but they don’t require bleach.

Cool Toned Brown

Brown is one of the most versatile colors in the world and no matter what your natural hair color is, brown will transform your hair from the old hairstyle to the new and improved version. One of the best colors to go for, if you want to stay away from bleach, is a cool toned brown. This color has undertones of gray and blue and it really makes the warmth of the brown color shine through. A cool brown will definitely make your hair feel good and give a new look to your existing hair.

Tea Colored Highlights

If you want to go for highlights, but don’t want bleach to even come near your locks, then the best color for highlights is milk tea. Milk tea is a very light color, but it is very beautiful and it looks amazing as highlights. You can get them done as highlights, lowlights or babylights.

The color will still look amazing regardless and you don’t have to use bleach to get good results. The color will show just as beautifully as any other highlight color achieved with bleach.

Dark Purple

Purple is not the most wearable color for hair, but a darker version of purple is very much in style nowadays and the best part is that you don’t need to get your hair touched by bleach. If you have darker hair naturally, then going for purple is a great way to tone down the loudness of the color and to make this wild color more wearable. It almost looks like a black color in certain lights and in the sunlight, you can see peeks of the purple showing through.

Bleach Free Blonde

Blonde is a color which needs bleach for the perfect result, but if you have naturally lighter hair and want to go for a near blonde look without bleach, this can be achieved easily. It will be a bit more on the brown side, but it will still have that sun kissed look and you will be able to rock this color without having to damage your beautiful mane with bleach.


Auburn is a mix between brown and red. This is a very wearable and beautiful color if you want to try something a little different from brown but don’t want your hair to look like a fire engine. This color can be easily achieved without bleach and it looks very good with most skin tones and hair types.

Ash Brown

Ash brown is also a very beautiful hair color, for young and older women alike. You can get this beautiful color on your hair without the harms of bleach. This is a great color if you want something in between the realms of brown, gray and blonde. This will be a beautiful transition color and you will be amazed at how forgiving this color is, as far as casual wear is concerned.

So, if you want something a bit more toned down than a straight up blonde and a bit more adventurous than a plain brown, then ash brown is for you.


Mahogany is a color which lies between red and purple. There are a lot of undertones of purple in mahogany and it is a very beautiful color for women who are aging. This is a great color to experiment with, because even though it sounds quite dramatic, it is a beautiful color and it adds a lot of modesty to the wearer. It is an amazing color to go for if you have darker or lighter hair and the best part of it is that you don’t need bleach.


Cutting your hair color down is a shock for a lot of women, so you will be pleased to know that these hair colors are bleach free. Visit hair salons specializing in color Rockville for a refreshing look.

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