How Often Should A Commercial Freezer Defrost

Commercial freezers are designed to run at optimal temperatures to store and keep food items fresh. These machines require regular maintenance, which includes defrosting as well. With time, frost can build-up on evaporator coils or other important components impeding the performance of the unit. To keep your commercial freezer frost-free and reduce the frequency of commercial freezer repairs, we have gathered a list of some important tips that you should consider. Let’s discuss!

Why Do Freezers Need A Defrost Cycle?

Commercial freezers come with different types of defrosting settings. The defrost settings differ based on the model, type, and manufacturer of the unit. Usually, commercial freezes either use an “off-cycle” compressor or an “air defrost” using warm or room temperature air. This prevents frost formation and ensures that the unit performs at its optimum to keep the food fresh.

The reason it is important to prevent frost build-up on evaporator coils is that the evaporator is designed to remove heat and warm air from the freezer to maintain the ideal temperature. If your commercial freezer was placed in an isolated, climate-controlled environment, you wouldn’t have to defrost it.

However, since commercial kitchens are pretty busy and have several other appliances installed, humidity is inevitable. Steam from boiling and cooking food can create humid conditions that can easily enter the freezer. Once the moisture reaches the evaporator coils, the condensation turns into frost.

As a result, a thin layer of ice forms on the evaporator coils. This leads to less heat absorption from the freezer cabinet and less cold air pushed inside. This causes the temperature inside the commercial freezer to increase which affects the taste and quality of the frozen food items.

How Does A Commercial Freezer Defrost?

As mentioned earlier, every commercial freezer comes with a defrost feature. It activates when the heating component is attached to the evaporator coil begins working. Upon the defrost mode being activated, the coils turn hot, melting the frost build-up and allowing the evaporator to continue with its heat absorption and freezer cabinet cooling tasks.

As the defrosting process takes place, the freezing function of the freezer is reversed for a while. The freezer uses warm air to melt down and prevents the freezer components from developing rust and corrosion. The aim of the defrosting process is not only to melt the frost build-up but also to prevent further condensation from forming, ensuring the longevity of the overall unit.

When Does A Defrost Cycle Run?

The majority of the business owners ignore the basic maintenance of their commercial refrigerators due to the downtime associated with them. However, that should not interfere with the business that takes place at peak hours. The last thing you would want is your freezer giving up on you simply because you ignored regular maintenance.

But the good news is that commercial freezers come with automatic defrost cycles. Although manufacturers offer pre-programmed defrost settings, but you can also contact an expert to program the defrost cycles.

How Many Times A Commercial Freezer Defrosts In A Day?

On average, a commercial freezer should defrost 3-4 times a day. These defrost cycles should be set for specific times and should activate immediately as soon as enough frost builds up. In addition to that, even if your freezer comes with an automatic defrost feature, it is important that you regularly inspect it at least once every week to ensure the coils are free of ice and the water is able to freely exit the drain line.

If you observe that your freezer is not functioning properly and is struggling to reach the desired temperature, you will need to perform a forced shutdown or call an expert. Keep in mind that ignoring the issue might lead to expensive repairs and replacements.

Furthermore, if you are having trouble with the defrosting cycles, you should consult the user’s manual as well. Sometimes, the problem can be as simple as changing the location of the unit, which can be fixed easily. With that said, make sure that you keep everything in check and train your employees to look after the freezer.

Final Word

Concluding, commercial freezers defrost as soon as they detect ice build-up. With modern versions, the process takes place automatically while in older versions you have to do it manually. Regardless, it is important that your commercial freezer defrosts or is defrosted to ensure a longer lifespan. Plus, this should also be a part of your weekly maintenance checklist that keeps the unit running trouble-free for years to come, and hire commercial appliances repair Alexandria technicians for maintenance and repairs.

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