8 Myths About Rugs You Should Stop Believing

Rugs and carpets are a great way to create a very classic look for your home. Wholesale oriental rugs are famous in many countries where rug making is a tradition. However, there are some common myths about area rugs.

Rugs Should Be Chosen According To the Décor of the Room

In some cases, this myth may be true because of the already set rooms where there is only a need for a rug. However, if you are starting anew, you must consider laying down the flooring first with the rug and associate all the decoration or the theme of the room in accordance with it.

Harmful Bacteria Build Up On Rugs

When you go buy some rugs on sale, you may think that the rugs may be harmful to the environment of your house. It is a common myth that mold and other stuff builds up in the rug which can cause serious problems to the allergic. Truth is that mold or mildew can build up anywhere in any place that has moisture in the air. Not only carpets but other stuff like doors and ceilings too. If you clean your rug regularly habit, there will be no concern of mold building up in the rugs.

Rugs Get Dirty Easily

It is true because it is subjected to high traffic and all the steps of family members or pets are put on it. Even with regular cleaning, the rug would look dirty. That’s mostly the case when you choose an impractical color for an area. Putting a light colored rug in your living room or your entrance is an open invitation for the dirt to show up within minutes. Choosing the right color for your rug is important.

All Rugs Are the Same

A true rug geek would tell you that there are many types of rugs that you can get from the wholesale Oriental rug store. The composition and construction of each rug are different. It is important that you learn about the different types of rugs that are available which can make your choice easier. Rugs vary from hand-knotted to hand-tufted to machine-made and all are different in every aspect from each other.

There are a Lot of Chemicals Used In Rugs

The art of carpet making is a very simple and pure procedure that does not require any harmful chemicals that would be hazardous to your health. There are chemicals in everything these days from your shampoo to the polish of your furniture. Carpet doesn’t even use many chemicals. It basically uses wool, nylon or polyester and then it is backed up with jute and latex is used as a glue. There have been many chemical tests on carpets that have proven that they are not harmful.

Rugs and Carpets Aren’t Used In Summers

It would make sense that one would assume that. The thickness of the wool and the overall demeanor of the rugs is that it would give warmth. The wool woven carpets aid this myth. However, this is not entirely true. Sure you can use rugs in summers and due to the modern innovations and lighter materials being used, there are no specifications on using the rugs only in winters.

Rugs Cause Asthma

Since the rugs are made from wool and other materials that are harmful to an asthmatic or allergic patient, there has been no proof that the use of carpet is directly related to the allergies. If regular cleaning and some precautions are made then the risk of the whole allergies will be eliminated.

Only Contemporary Rugs Should Be Used In Modern Decor

It does sounds logical when you hear that only contemporary rugs work best for modern decor, but it’s not at all correct. Because traditional rugs are used with modern decor and provide a beautiful blend of Persian and modern looks.

So, now if go out for buying rugs on sale Alexandria, you can choose any option from antique rugs to Persian rugs, and from area oriental rugs to modern rugs. Everything works with everything if you use it right. And as you already know that rugs don’t cause asthma or any air quality issue, you are on your way to make some quality updates in your home decor.

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