Do’s And Don’ts Of Patio And Deck Maintenance

When you have a pretty amazing space in the backyard, the first thing you think is to hire patio contractors and get it built in your backyard. As patios add great value and appeal to your house, it demands regular maintenance to stay in perfect condition. Here are some do’s and don’ts of patio maintenance.

Do’s of Patio And Deck Maintenance

Repair Damages Immediately

If any part of your patio gets damaged, don’t delay it and fix the issue right away. Minor damages often lead to major ones in no time. Moreover, as time passes by, the wood starts to expand and contract which makes the nails to pop out of the wood. So, make sure if a problem like this appears, you get it repaired from backyard patio builders immediately.

Seal the Wood Once A Year

Having a sealed wood prevents it from damage, secure the color and prevent it from fading too quickly. So, if you have had a beautiful patio made in your backyard then it’s your duty to keep it maintained. Take some time out and seal the wood of the deck once a year.

Call Over Pros For Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a great way to clean your patio deeply but, it requires professional skills because using too much pressure can damage the patio and using less pressure won’t be efficient enough in cleaning. Hence, it is suggested to contact the patio or home cleaning services for it as they know perfectly how to do it.

Clean Debris Regularly

The debris in the patio is usually dried leaves that fall off the trees. Because of these dried leaves, molds and stains are likely to occur that damage the patio. Which is why it is important to sweep the patio on a regular basis.

Rearrange the Furniture

Having the same arrangement of furniture in the patio for years can look boring. There is however no need to spend money on it, you can simply spruce up the look of your patio by rearranging the furniture after every few months or at least once a year.

Don’ts of Patio and Deck Maintenance

Don’t Overlook the Rots and Cracks in Stairs

Stairs get extremely dangerous when there are cracks or rots in it. If you don’t keep a regular check on it and keep on using the stairs, they can anytime split or break causing injuries. So, make sure you look around the stairs and if you find any trouble, call over the experts from patio contractors to fix the issue before it causes any harm.

Don’t Forget To Protect the Patio from Food Stains

You enjoy a scrumptious barbeque backyard party with your friends and family in your patio, but have you made precautionary measures to avoid food stains? Many people haven’t, which leads to bigger issues especially due to grease buildup. Use mats and rugs to cover the patio floor under the barbeque grill in order to prevent the floor to catch grease spills and mop the floor as soon as the grilling is done.

Don’t Overclean The Patio

Well, regular cleaning is undoubtedly highly recommended but extremely frequent cleaning i.e. on a daily basis because this can result in fading the color of the wood and damaging its surface. Even if you use only water to clean it daily, damage would be done. Also, if you use brush with harsh bristles to scrape off the tough stains, the surface of the wood would be harmed.

Don’t Use Bleach for Cleaning Purpose

This could be the worst possible thing that you could do to your patio. Bleaches are known to fade the colors wherever they are used. They do the same thing when used on the wooden deck and can also damage the nearby plants. Therefore, use products that are safe for the patio and deck.

Don’t Use Paint as a Sealant

Many people think that they can seal the patio wood using paint but little do they know, paint doesn’t have sealing properties. The paint would just give the wood a good color but will fade away with time so you would need to refresh it again and again pretty frequently.

Ensure that you follow these do’s and don’ts while maintaining your patio or get something that is beyond your skills done by pros from backyard patio builders. lagrass

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