Why are quartz countertops more popular than granite?

The internet is full of different opinions regarding granite and quartz kitchen countertops. Where some homeowners prefer to have quartz countertops, others like the look and feel of granite. Still, it looks like quartz is a little bit more popular than granite.

In case you spend some time reading about both of these materials on the internet, you may notice one consistent pattern. Both the advocates of granite and quartz will be seen defending their choice. Hence, the vengeance between both of these never really ends.

But is quartz more popular than granite?

Well, yes. In general, the advocates of quartz tops are greater in number as compared to granite. In this article, we lay down all the possible reasons for this.

Quartz is cheaper than granite

Looks like this might be one of the biggest reasons why so many people actively advocate for quartz tops. In case you are looking for high-end materials, quartz may be priced as much as $30 lesser than granite per square foot.

However, it is important to note that in the bigger picture, both of them materials can poke a hole in your wallet. After all, high end kitchen countertops are quite expensive. So in general, this cost difference is not going to be too high.

But since quartz can be a little cheaper for high-end tops, people end up developing a more positive outlook towards it.

Considering the aesthetics

Well, aesthetics are a totally personal choice. We cannot really say with absolute certainty that quartz looks better than granite. However, it looks like popular opinion is indeed sided more with quartz.

In general, most people do not prefer granite because it does not come in a uniform color (though some people love this look). As a result of this, we see more people vouching for quartz.

When most people design a kitchen, they are looking for a very sleek and neat look. In this regard, quartz plays wonderfully as it has a uniform look. In comparison, granite has more of an earthy texture to it.

Nevertheless, granite is more popularly used for outdoor kitchens because of its rocky texture. After all, it is a natural stone.

Environmental impact

With the increase of awareness about the environmental effects of things, homeowners are more inclined towards sustainable choices nowadays. In this regard, quartz stands out because it has a very low carbon footprint as compared to granite.

Furthermore, recycling of quartz tops is much easier as compared to granite kitchen countertops.

However, if you look in the long-run both choices can be considered sustainable. Even though it takes a lot of energy to excavate both of these materials, they are bound to last long. In case you take proper care of them, they may even last a lifetime.

In that sense, both granite and quartz can be viewed as sustainable.

Volatile compounds

Volatile organic compounds are a big concern for homeowners, and they can be found in both granite and quartz counters. But according to experts, granite countertops may include some amount of radon. However, it exists at a negligible level.

Hence, generally, both options are safe for use indoors. All that you need to do is to take proper care and to follow all precautions related to either of the two materials.

Ending note

In the end, the material that which you choose will simply depend on your preference. It is not true that granite countertops have gone obsolete. In fact, they still remain as popular as they were 10 years ago.

In case you have any concerns or questions, reach out to your local granite kitchen countertops Raleigh NC store and talk about it.

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