Why Are My HVAC Vents Noisy

HVACs are designed to run smooth and noiseless. But sometimes, you will come across certain noises coming from the vents that could be irritating. If you come across rattling, flapping, or other types of sounds, it means there is usually a restriction in the airflow. You should let an AC repair service inspect it. However, let’s look at some possible causes and what you can do to fix them when it comes to noisy air vents.

Check The Air Filter

The first thing to inspect if your HVAC vents tend to be noisy is the air filter. Air filters are critical components of HVAC systems. They are designed to keep the toxicants and contaminants from entering the house. This means that if you have someone living in the house who is sensitive to allergies, you will need to make sure the air filters are clean.

Depending on your region, you might even need to clean or replace the air filters twice a year. If the surroundings tend to be too dirty and dusty, you will need to clean the air filters regularly or replace them. Furthermore, check the user’s manual and follow the HVAC manufacturer’s recommendations regarding cleaning and replacement of the air filters.

Clogged Ductwork

The ductwork is responsible for transporting air from the HVAC to different areas of the house. As important as it is to clean the air filters, the ductwork should be clear of obstructions as well. Even though it takes a relatively lot of time for the ductwork to get clogged, it does happen sooner or later.

The unfortunate thing here is that you cannot unclog the ductwork on your own especially if it has been years since it was last cleaned. You will need the help of a professional. Cleaning the ductwork can cause certain items to fall on your head or cause injuries or scratches.

If the HVAC is only used during the summer season, you can expect birds and other animals to take accommodation in the ductwork. Rats and other creatures can chew onto the ductwork leading to cracks and leakages down the road.

Narrow Air Ducts

Another possible reason for noisy HVAC vents is if the air ducts are narrow. HVAC units tend to throw quite a bit of air and they need sufficiently sized air ducts to move the air through. At the same time, if debris and dirt could get stuck inside the air ducts, it would cause the vents to close or either become clogged.

To make sure if that is the case, you could use a flashlight to check if the vents are too dirty. However, when it comes to cleaning the vents, you will need to contact a professional. If the air ducts get clogged frequently, you might need to replace them with bigger ones.

Closed Dampers

If the dampers of your HVAC system are closed, it could cause the HVAC vents to be noisy. This is because the pressure increases, leading to various noises. However, the unit does not become too noisy by closing just one damper. If you were to close multiple of them at the same time, the unit may become too noisy and may restrict the airflow.

Can I Fix Noisy HVAC Vents On My Own?

As mentioned earlier, fixing noisy HVAC vents may seem a simple task but you can easily end up either injuring yourself or damaging the unit. There could be several reasons contributing to noisy HVAC vents. That said, you will need to inspect and diagnose the possible causes and consult a professional.

Keep in mind that HVAC units comprise several different parts. If you were to fix the issues on your own, you might end up damaging the components, which could be expensive to repair or replace. Therefore, think of hiring an expert as investing in your HVAC unit. You will get to keep it running like brand new for years to come.

Final Word

To sum it up, HVAC vents tend to be usually noisy based on the reasons above. If the problem still persists, you might be looking at a far more complicated problem. Therefore, regardless of the issue, your HVAC unit will need a professional inspection from HVAC repair services. topac

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