How To Save On Wedding Food Costs

Weddings, on top of being stressful to plan, can also be a huge financial burden for a lot of people. You might be tempted to find out ways by which you can cut the costs wherever necessary. You should look for affordable caterers and wedding rental packages. Here are some ways by which you can save a multitude of money on food.

Don’t Get Too Fancy With The Options

One of the most common mistakes couples make at their wedding event is going for a menu that is super elaborate and fancy. Granted, it is their special day, but it’s also not the perfect time to be experimenting with things you have never tried before. Stick with simple poultry and food options, like fish, meat, tuna, salmon, etc. If you have never tried scallops or caviar before, now isn’t the time either. Sometimes, simple things can steal the show.

Take Advantage Of The Offers

When you go and scout for the perfect catering service for your wedding, you will want to find out about the different deals and offers. There are a lot of budget-friendly options for catering and food and they cover a good portion of the menu. They are also generally less expensive than a menu that is picked by the bride and groom.

It’s better to take a look at those options too if you want to save some money in the food department for the wedding. The food is usually good and the offers are too good to not be considered.

Go For A Group Buffet

Another fantastic way by which you can have a stellar wedding menu, but also save a lot of money is by going for a buffet-style dinner rather than a full-plate serving-style dinner at the reception. A buffet is a great way to test out a ton of things and it doesn’t cost as much as a full-on service dinner.

The only thing you need to keep in mind about buffets is the fact that you need to keep the dishes full at all times and there needs to be a person at the station overlooking the food as well.

The Day Matters

Caterings and food services are generally quite expensive if your wedding is on a weekend or a special day. It’s better to schedule your wedding on a less popular day. You will be surprised at how much money you will save, not only on the food but also on the venue, vendors, and decorations.

There will be less haphazardness in your event because the day is chill and no one is having a wedding at the same time as you. Picking the day is an art and if you choose wisely, you will save a lot of money and have a great and breezy event.

Flavor Tops It All

Tying in with the first advice, try not to be too overwhelmed with the wedding food options. This is why doing your research and going in with a clear mind will help you a lot. You want to know exactly what you are looking for.

You want the flavor to top everything else. Even a simple dish as of meat with vegetables can be a 5-star meal if you season it right and grill it to perfection. It’s all in the technique and flavors, so trust your gut and go for the primary thing that matters to you the most.

Encourage Self Service

Last but not least, try to encourage self-service of food and even drinks at a wedding. Waiters and service people can really make your budget swell and it is unnecessary most of the time. It’s better to let people go to the food and drink stations and choose what they want for themselves. This will not only be less overwhelming, but you will also not have to worry about tipping the waiter at the end of the event. These are some unnecessary yet extra costs that can be easily saved.


There you have it! These ways are sure not to put a compromise on your wedding food and your food list and catering service will be stellar as well. Save more by finding cheap wedding party rentals Maryland.

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