What Is Seasonal Asthma – Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Asthma is basically the difficulty in breathing and it is caused by a lot of allergens or triggers which your body doesn’t respond well to and in severe cases you may need to visit an allergy clinic. Here is everything you need to know about seasonal asthma.

What Is Seasonal Asthma?

Seasonal asthma is basically a type of asthma whose symptoms change with the seasons and it occurs in specific seasons with a lot of severity. Seasonal asthma is usually very common during the winter time, but it is not set in stone. It can occur any time of the year and it increases in severity when the seasons change. Due to inflammation in the lungs there is a lot of difficulty in breathing properly. You also might feel coughing fits come along and it can be a very uncomfortable situation.

Although it is primarily caused by allergies, its potential cause is not known at all. It can be anything related to genetics or just a trigger which causes your body to not breathe properly.

What Are The Causes Of Seasonal Asthma?

Here are some common causes of seasonal asthma.

  • Seasons can be a huge trigger for this type of asthma. You will feel especially worse during specific seasons and your breathing will be labored and discontinuous.
  • Allergens can also be a trigger for asthma. Things like dust, pollen, hay, pet hair, etc. can be the major causes of difficulty in breathing and causes inflammation in your airways, therefore, blocking your air and breathing passage.
  • Genetics also play a very important role in asthma. You might not have a trigger sensitivity, but due to your genetic ls and hereditary conditions, asthma might become a recurring disorder in your family.

What Are The Symptoms Of Seasonal Asthma?

Here are some very common but alarming symptoms of seasonal asthma.

  • Your chest will feel very small and a tightening sensation will take over.
  • Your breathing will not be normal. You will need a lot of effort to breathe normally, because your airways are inflamed and not a lot of air can be breathed in or out.
  • You will have coughing fits which can increase in severity if you don’t treat the asthmatic attack right away.
  • You might feel like your breathing is being stopped, as if someone is smothering you with a pillow.
  • Upon examination, your chest will have a whistling or wheezing sound when you exhale. This is due to the inflammation in your airways which is causing this sound to be produced.

What Are The Treatments For Seasonal Asthma?

Here are some treatment options for seasonal asthma and things by which you can prevent it from worsening.

Always Have An Inhaler With You

It’s very important for an asthma patient to have their inhaler on hand all the time. It is a life saver for someone who gets asthma attacks frequently. The inhaler is usually a combination of inhaled corticosteroids and some other inflammation medications which will help to clear the airways quickly so that you can breathe properly.

Avoid Allergens

Another thing you must do, if your asthma is triggered by allergens, is to avoid allergens as much as you can. Try to be very careful around dust, pollen and pets, if that’s what causes your asthma to worsen. You never know which thing can trigger your asthma. Always wear a mask and maintain good personal hygiene.


Immunotherapy is a series of shots which are given to people who suffer from allergies. It’s a very successful type of treatment for people with asthma too. You will need a doctor’s appointment for that and your doctor will give a schedule for a series of shots which need to be administered to you after a certain period of time.

Over The Counter Medication For Asthma

Always have antihistamines and some pain relief medication on hand in case an asthma attack comes out of nowhere and you need something quick to relieve it.

There you have it! Now you know what seasonal asthma is and what it is caused by and what symptoms you should be looking out for and when to see an asthma doctor Germantown, if things get out of hand.

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