What are allergies and how to deal with them?

Allergies are the body’s natural defense mechanism against things that it considers harmful. Usually, allergy symptoms occur because of an overprotective immune system which attacks thing that it considers harmful. Indeed, allergy symptoms can be a source of a lot of misery. This is why we suggest you go to an allergy clinic as soon as you start experiencing the symptoms. This way, you will also be able to manage your allergies better.

However, for the time that you are waiting for your appointment, what else can you do to keep the symptoms at bay? Well, there are a number of different treatments for allergies, and they are usually prescribed by a doctor.

However, we suggest you to not to prescribe medicines or treatments to yourself. Similarly, avoid diagnosing yourself and reach out to a medical professional in case you feel like you are allergic to something.

How to manage allergies?

Well, allergy management is not difficult, but it requires great care and discipline. The person who is allergic to an allergen should always avoid situations that involve risks of getting on contact with the allergen.

However, in case a person has already established contact with the allergen in any way possible, there are a number of treatments that a doctor will prescribe. These include:


Antihistamines are primarily used to treat the various nasty symptoms of allergy that include itchy eyes, sneezing, and runny nose. These are the most common symptom of an allergy. Furthermore, antihistamines also relief other symptoms of food allergies that include hives.

Sometimes, people who are suffering from hay fever feel groggy when they use these treatments. In comparison, some antihistamines belonging to the newer generation including Claritin, Allegra, and Clarinex are far more beneficial in such a situation.

Use of decongestants

The prime purpose of decongestants is to the relive the blocked and stuffy nose symptoms that occur due to nasal congestion. By using these medicines on the short-term, a person can provide relief from nasal symptoms. Consequently, they will be able to feel much better in no time at all.

At the same time, these medications can also result in prostate problems. In case there is an existing condition that includes heart problems, once must always ask the doctor before using these medicines. This is because decongestants are not suitable for everyone.

Furthermore, regular usage of these sprays can also result in a damage to the lining of the nose. Furthermore, this damage, if occurs, will be rather permanent and irreversible.

Allergy shots

Then come allergy shots, that have also recently turned very popular for the treatment of allergies and its symptoms. These shots can help a person in controlling their sensitivity to various triggers that set the allergy symptoms off. For instance, a doctor may inject very small and controlled doses of the allergen over some intervals.

This treatment is considered to be highly effective for seasonal allergies that result in symptoms such as nasal congestion and sneezing, along with swollen and itchy eyes. Usually, allergy shots are mostly recommended when a person is going through life-threatening allergies such as bug stings.

Ending note

Allergies are something that has to be taken seriously, especially when the effect of the allergens on the body is huge. Sometimes, people tend to suffer from very severe symptoms that can potentially be life threatening. In this case, it is important to rush to the nearby allergy specialist Germantown right away before things turn bad. Furthermore, make sure that you are following every advice that your doctors give you in order to feel better soon. Otherwise, your recovery may be delayed.

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