Is Your Tree Dying? Here Is How To Find Out

Trees also die, yes they do, but the only difference is that their death is not instant but goes through a gradual and slow process. There are many signs which take place before the tree begins to get sick and reaches the dying stage, but are unnoticed by the human eye. The signs of a dying tree are listed below and if you spot any of these signs then you should call in the tree removal services as soon as possible.


If the tree is losing a lot of its leaves then this a sign that a tree is dying, especially in a season when a tree is supposed to grow its leaves. Leaves are the area where the food is made of the tree and falling leaves is an indication that a tree is not making food and getting its nutrients. In case of deciduous trees, which loses all its leaves every winter while evergreen trees do not lose all their leaves at once.

The sign that a deciduous tree is dying is that all its leaves fall down in the growing season and all its leaves turn dry and brown. However, if an evergreen tree is dying, it will start to show and grow red and brown needles. Yellow needles that start to show on a tree is a sign that the tree is stressed and becoming sick. Growth of yellow leaves on a tree that usually grows green leaves is also a sign that the tree is dying.


When the bark on the branches start to peel and chunks of bark start to fall then the tree is on the onset of its imminent death. This will eventually lead to the branches falling off and is a sign of danger as the fall may also damage your property. Initially the branch will lose all of its bark and then fall off. Too many branches falling will lead to the death of the trees.

Dead branches will show a growth of fungus. Fungus only grows when the wood is decaying, which means the branch is dead.

Another sign is that wood eating insects will start to move away when the tree is dying. You will notice holes in the bark where wood boring insects used to be and have made their homes. A dying tree will also show many bark beetles.


A peeling bark shows that the tree is dying. You will notice branches that has portions of bark missing from the trees or that is completely bare of bark. This shows that a tree is near its death. The leaves make food for the tree and pass on the nutrients to the bark. Shedding of the bark is an indication that the tree is not getting all its nutrients and food and that is why it is falling. A brittle bark, bark with lots of fungus growth and a bark with holes because all the wood boring insects left their homes is a sign that the tree is dying.


The death of a tree is caused by an unhealthy mix of nutrients and water mix or some of both which cause the branches and then the trunk to become weak. The trunk with few or no branches is a sign that the tree is dying. You will notice fungus growth on the trunk and the onset of carpenter ants. Carpenter ants usually come on wood that is dead or a tree that is near its death. Cracks in the trunk will mean that the inside tissues of the tree are dying.


Slimy roots is an indication that a tree is dying. Roots will start to show colonies of fungus and mold. A dying tree will also portray many knots in its fine fibers.


The appearance of insects and ants on the tree base is a sign that a tree is dying as ants feed on the sap of a decaying tree.

If your tree is showing any of the above signs then you should call in the experts to analyze. They can save a sick tree and help it grow again but if your tree is nearing its death then tree cutting services Chevy Chase should be called or else the sudden fall of the tree could damage the property.

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