How Do You Know If Your Tap Water Is Making You Sick

A lot of people rely on normal tap water for their daily hydration. But, sometimes, tap water can also be contaminated and it can lead to a lot of problems. In this case, it’s better to consider bottled water home delivery for clean water. Here are some signs to look out for if your tap water is making you feel sick.

There Is A Foul Smell

Tap water is mostly odorless, so it might be unusual if you are smelling something weird in your water. This smell can be due to several types of chemicals or heavy metals present in the water coming from the supply reservoir. It might be due to lead, aluminum, Sulphur, and other heavy metals and compounds which may be causing your water to smell extremely foul.

The most alarming part is that sometimes there might be a smell in the water, but the color and taste will not be altered. So, it’s better to have your water checked and if it does have any sort of heavy metal in it, then try to get it filtered and then use it for drinking.

A Weird Taste

A weird and metallic taste of the water is also an alarming sign that the water is not pure and it might need some filtration otherwise it might go into your body and cause a lot of problems. The main culprit of bad-tasting water is either iron or dead animals in the reservoir from where your water is coming from.

There Is Some Color

Sometimes, you might see a tinge of red or green in your water and it can be consistent most of the time. The presence of iron and chromium can be the reason why your water is not colorless. It will also have an associated metallic taste when you drink it.

The water will also make you feel sick and if you’re allergic to metals or chromium, it might also lead to some sort of reactions on the skin or in your body, like the appearance of red patches on the skin, stomach aches, constipation, diarrhea, and other associated diseases.

Sand Or Dirt In The Water

Sometimes, your water might appear to be murky or dirty. This may be due to the presence of sand and dirt in the water. Since sand and dirt are insoluble in water, they will be in the form of small particles in the water and change the water appearance. If you let a glass of sandy water sit for some time, undisturbed, then the dirt will settle at the bottom and the water will appear to be a lot cleaner and clearer than before.

This is why you need to get a sand filter for your tap so that the incoming water can be free of all kinds of sand and dirt particles.

Water Test

If you are experiencing all of the above-mentioned things in your tap water, then you might want to double-check your concerns by doing a water test. You can ask your water contractor or distributor to do it for you, or you can do an at-home water test.

It consists of a kit that has a testing strip and a strip for results to match your observations with. You can see what kinds of things, metals and substances are present in your water, so you can get it filtered accordingly.

You’re Feeling Unwell

This one goes without saying. If you are drinking water that tastes, smells, and looks weird and dirty, then your body might also not feel good. You will continuously get stomach and digestion problems, you will constantly want to vomit, you will always be feeling lethargic and unwell, and more.

On top of that, you will also see patches and blotches on your skin forming because of the reactions of the metals and substances present in the water in your body. These things need to be taken seriously and checked immediately before it’s too late.


There you have it! These telltale signs are going to save you from a lot of stomach and health issues from continuously drinking tap water. To avoid contaminated tap water, use a water filtration system or find a drinking water delivery service Meadville.

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