How Deep Do I Make A Pool

When it comes to installing a pool with the help of a swimming pool builder, homeowners tend to be skeptical about how deep it should be. Depending on what the pool is intended to be used for, it can be significantly deep or something that is somewhere in between. So, let’s take a deeper look and try to find out what goes on behind the scenes while making the perfect pool.

What Is The Average In-Ground Pool Depth?

On average, the in-ground pool depth of residential pools is usually 8 feet. However, pool builders can build pools even deeper than that. For residential pools, there is no need for them to be deeper than 8 feet. If you intend to install a diving board, 8 feet is the minimum height you are going to need. This is an ideal depth if you wish to dive without a diving board as well.

In addition to that, residential pools that consist of diving boards tend to be designed at a larger scale as compared to those that do not feature a diving board. These pools are designed in such a way that they make up for space that is used for the diving board and accommodating minimum depth. However, the problem with diving boards is that due to safety concerns over the past few years, their popularity has gone significantly down.

What Will You Use Your The Pool For?

When it comes to deciding the depth of your pool, the first thing you need to determine is the purpose you are going to use it for. Generally, residential pools can be used for wading, diving, and playing games, etc. Furthermore, most people tend to use their pools for cooling off and lounging so a deep pool is not required. However, if you plan on using the pool for different purposes, you are going to need a pool featuring multiple depths. A recreational pool is going to need a shallow depth, whereas if the pool is to be used for multi-purposes, then you will need to incorporate various depths. At the same time, if you are going to have kids play inside the pool as well, it is suggested that you do not go anywhere beyond 3 feet. Lastly, the design of the pool will depend on the space available. If the pool area is lengthwise larger, you can use it for swimming laps. Whereas, if it is wider, then you can use it for playing water sports.

Who Is Using Your Pool?

The next important factor you should consider is who is using your pool. If you have kids that will be playing inside it, then a shallow pool will suffice. However, if you have adults and teenagers who are going to have a fun time, then a deeper pool will be required. Furthermore, you can include different depths as well. For instance, for kids, you can include a 3 feet shallow depth while for adults it can be anywhere between 6-8 feet. In addition to that, you can opt for different designs as well such as an L-shaped pool featuring a shallow wading depth and the longer leg serving as a deeper area for adults.

Safety Concerns

Both shallow and deep pools share their risks. If you build a shallow pool and someone decides to jump in assuming that it is deep, they might end up injuring themselves. On the other hand, if you decide to go for a deep pool, chances are that children and kids might pose a risk of drowning. Therefore, depending on the depth of the pool you choose, develop a set of rules such as no children or kids are allowed in the swimming pool that is deep rather than shallow. Get the help of the masonry professional for the right depth.

Final Word

Concluding, deciding the depth of your pool depends on the area available and the people using it. You have to consider safety concerns and ensure that the pool is only being used by people who know their way around swimming. You can also take advice from the pool contractor about the depth and how much is safe if you would let your children or teenagers swim in it. Moreover, make sure to install safety features also to avoid any mishaps. lagrass

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