Detailed comparison between granite and quartz

Divergent opinions on kitchen countertops abound on the internet. While some homeowners like the look and feel of granite, others prefer quartz countertops. Quartz does, however, appear to be rather well-liked.

If you do study on each of them, you could find a common pattern. Fans of granite and quartz might be seen debating their different selections. The retaliation between these two so never truly ends.

Does quartz outperform granite?

Indeed, I do. Quartz countertop proponents outweigh granite countertop proponents overall. We cover all of the likely causes in this post.

Compared to granite, quartz is less costly

This appears to be among the main factors behind the frequent purchase of quartz countertops. Quartz may cost much lesser than granite if you’re looking for the best material for countertops.

It’s important to understand, though, that each of these items have the potential to deplete your financial account in the long term. Sincere kitchen surfaces are not inexpensive. Therefore, the price gap will often be negligible.

Quartz is cheaper though, so buyers are more accepting of it

Taking aesthetics into consideration

Aesthetics are wholly arbitrary. The claim that quartz is more beautiful than granite cannot be made with certainty. Quartz appears to be the preferred option among the general population, nevertheless.

Due to its lack of consistent color, granite is disliked by the majority of people. Because of this, more people are promoting quartz.

When building a kitchen, most people aim for a very streamlined and organized appearance. Quartz is superior in this regard because of its uniform look. While granite has a more natural feel to it.

Nevertheless, granite is more frequently used in outdoor kitchens because to its abrasive character. After all, it is a natural stone.

Environment-related effects

Householders are more inclined to choose environmentally friendly options as their knowledge of the effects of various items on the environment grows. Quartz stands out in this regard since it has a far smaller carbon footprint than granite.

Quartz countertops are also more easier to recycle than granite countertops.

On the other hand, both solutions can be seen as sustainable in the long run. Despite the fact that both stones need a lot of work to uncover, they will undoubtedly last for a very long time. They may last a lifetime if properly maintained. Quartz or granite may both be regarded as sustainable materials in this sense.

Substances that are flammable

The presence of volatile organic compounds in both countertops is a major cause of concern for homeowners. However, experts think that radon may be present in certain granite countertops. It does exist in extremely small quantities.

Both options are therefore often appropriate for use inside. All you have to do is exercise due caution and adhere to all safety measures related to these two. Of course, depending on the individual quality of either material, one can be more expensive than the other.


Your material decision will ultimately come down to personal preference. The assertion that granite countertops are out of date is untrue. They remain equally well-liked now as they were 10 years ago. In fact, one might argue that countertops will always be in style.

For millennia, there have been countertops. While natural stone was formerly widely utilized, manufactured stone is now readily available on the market. The advantages of natural stone are amplified by the man-made countertops while any drawbacks are minimized.

However, given the vast array of alternatives available, if you’re buying countertops, you can feel confused. Please get in touch with a nearby granite countertops Rockville dealer right away if you need assistance or have any inquiries!

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