Why Is Warm Air Coming Out Of AC Vents

The last thing you would want is to come home to your air conditioner throwing hot air on a hot day. This means something is wrong with the system. There could be several reasons contributing to the warm air coming out of the AC vents and HVAC repair services can detect them better. However, you should not panic. We have got some tips to share that will help you get the system running normally in no time. Let’s discuss!

Clogged Air Filters

Clogged air filters are among the most common reasons behind ac vents throwing warm air. The reason is that the air filters are designed to capture all sorts of pathogens and toxins before the air can enter the house. But with time, these filters tend to become saturated.

This means if the air filters are clogged, cool air will not be able to make its way through as a result of which you will observe warm air coming out of the AC vents. Plus, it could also lead to your AC struggling to circulate the air properly. As a result, you will not only experience relatively more stress than usual but also utilize more electricity, raising your monthly electricity bills.

Therefore, check your air filters regularly and make sure they are clean. And consult the user’s manual when it comes to replacing the air filters. Every manufacturer recommends a different type and replacement frequency.

Dirty Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils play a crucial role in how your AC system cools the air. This is where the hot air is absorbed and cooled by refrigeration. However, just like the air filters, evaporator coils can become accumulated with dust and dirt as well. This impedes the performance of the coils. That said, it is possible that your unit begins throwing warm air.

Although, cleaning or fixing dirty evaporator coils should be a professional’s task but you can follow the instruction manual to locate the coils. Try cleaning the coils using a soft cloth, brush, and a cleaning agent. Hopefully, it shall solve the problem.

Condensate Line Is Clogged

As the air conditioning system performs the heating and cooling process, there is a lot of condensation that takes place. This condensation is released by a condensation line for carrying the moisture outside, where it generally empties from the exterior wall of your home. And since the drain line is constantly wet, it is normal for buildup such as algae or mold to occur. Therefore, if the line is clogged, the unit’s ability to remove humid air is obstructed, which causes warm air to blow through the vents.

Refrigerant Leak

Once again, the refrigerant in the AC plays an important when it comes to your unit blowing cool air. The air conditioning system only works at a specific refrigerant level to produce cool air. Anything below the manufacturer’s recommendations will result in the unit blowing hot air.

Refrigerant leakages usually occur in air conditioning systems that have gone quite old. Rust and cracks might develop over time, which can cause the refrigerant to leak. To confirm if there is a refrigerant leak, check the evaporator coils for frosting.

Outdoor AC Unit Is Obstructed

Sometimes, the outdoor unit comes in the way of your unit blowing hot air. The reason is that dead shrubs, leaves, and other things make their way inside the unit and make it harder to perform. This is why you should always make sure that the outdoor unit is free of any obstructions and maintain it regularly to prevent blockages.

Keep in mind that the outdoor unit contains several important components. That said, if you haven’t cleaned the outdoor unit in a while, you will need to call in a professional instead of doing it yourself. You can easily end up damaging the compressor or coils etc. while cleaning the condenser unit which can be expensive to replace.

Therefore, consult an expert who will charge you for their services but will ensure that the unit is maintained and serviced with fewer risks attached.

Final Word

Fixing the issue of warm air coming out of your vents is both easy and complicated, depending on the problem. Apart from that, it is your responsibility to regularly clean and maintain the AC unit so that some common issues could be prevented. And if that is not possible, hire AC repair services Stony Brook who will ensure your unit performs as good as new for years to come.

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