Kitchen Countertops Guide: What Is A Faux Granite Countertop

Granite countertops are very majestic and beautiful. They have a mesmerizing pattern, which consists of veins and a river-like design. No two blocks of granite can ever be the same. But one thing that stops people from gravitating towards granite countertops is the over-the-top price point per foot. Granite is a very expensive and heavy rock, which is why a lot of people tend to stay at bay from it. But, fret no more! Did you know that you can get faux granite countertops, at a fraction of the price of the actual thing? Well, keep on reading to find out how.

What Is Faux Granite?

Faux granite is not actual granite. It is more like an illusion of the marvelous granite rock. All that is required for making faux granite is a primer and paint. The primer is applied to the prepared countertop, which has been shaved down to get rid of any dirt or debris. Then the primed countertop can be laid with several layers of paint, to get the actual effect of real granite stone. This is a very easy and affordable project to do and the results are fascinating at the end. People could never even guess that the countertop is not actual granite.

Benefits of Faux Granite Countertops

Some benefits of faux granite countertops, in comparison to real granite are as follows:

It Is Inexpensive

If you go out looking for a solid slab of granite for your countertops, the price will be tremendously high, and you will not be able to fit this price in your budget, no matter whatever the justification may be. So, a faux granite is the perfect solution when you want a granite countertop, but you don’t want to spend a fortune on it either. Faux granite looks almost the same as actual granite and it costs you very little than what might have cost you if you went the route of buying real granite for your countertops.

It Is Long Lasting

Unlike most kitchen remodeling projects, the faux granite countertops will not disappoint on you. Once you install faux granite countertops, they will last for a very long time. They will not chip, wear or ruin under a lot of situations. So faux granite kitchentop is not a run-down project, but it will last for years to come.

Easy to Clean

Faux granite countertops are also very easy to clean because they have a smooth top surface. Actual granite has veining in it, which may cause small objects to get stuck in the crevices of the veins. The faux granite looks like it has veining, but is actually smooth from the top, so you don’t have to worry about going in and cleaning out the countertop.

The Variety of Colors

Actual granite comes in a small variety of colors, whereas faux granite has a huge variety of colors to choose from. You don’t have to settle for a boring graphite color, you can go all out and choose the color you want, which goes with the rest of your kitchen interior.

How To Make A Faux Granite Countertop Yourself?

Did you know that making a faux granite process is super easy and that you can do it yourself? It is just a matter of patience and proper research and you can turn your countertops into stunning granite countertops, without spending a lot of money. First you will need to shave off your existing countertop so that there isn’t any dirt or debris on it. Afterwards you will have to prime the surface to allow the paint to show up better on the surface. Next, choose acrylic colors of your choice and stamp them on the surface, one color at a time and allow it to fully dry before moving on the next color. Finally, after the paint has completely dried, apply a top coat or varnish to seal the colors in place. Voila! There you go, a DIY granite countertop.

If the DIY process is too time consuming, you can let a granite installer NC do everything for you. However, make sure that you choose an expert installer because if you let a novice do it, you won’t get the results you desired.

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