How To Use A Straightener Without Damaging Hair

If you are one of those women who regularly use a straightener to tame your wavy hair, then you have landed at the right place. Overexposure to straightening and heated products causes your hair to become dull, dry, and damaged over time. This is why it’s better to go to hair straightening salons. However, fear not as we have compiled ways through which you can straighten your hair without worrying about damage.

Straightening Shampoo And Conditioner

Invest in a good quality shampoo and conditioner which promises straightening. Shampoos with keratin, argan oil, proteins, and other ingredients that aid in straightening and infusing natural elements into your hair protect them when you straighten and keep them healthy and nourished. Follow with a conditioner every time you shower to tame the frizziness.

Heat Protectant Spray

Applying heat protectant spray before straightening makes the straightening process smoother and easier and reduces flyaway hair and adds a layer of protection that causes almost zero damage to your hair.

Allow It To Dry

Make sure your hair is completely dry before straightening. Straightening on wet hair causes sizzling sounds which lead to small air bubbles on your cuticles thus damaging hair.

Clip It Up

We know you are in a hurry and you want to get done with the straightening process ASAP. But you cannot compromise on your hair, right? Plus clipping up your hair will actually straighten it faster. Clip up your into many sections rather than straightening by taking random chunks of hair. Start with the bottom hair. Taking thick chunks of hair will not distribute heat evenly and you may need to use the iron on the same hair again and again causing more heat. Straightening clip by clip will straighten quicker and you will need to apply less heat.

Straighten It The Right Way

After clipping your hair in sections, hold your section of hair tightly and straighten it. This will increase the straightening effect and make the process quick. Leaving hair loose will require it to repeat the iron 3 to 4 times which will cause more damage.

Get An Iron With Ceramic Plates

Flat irons with ceramic plate technology are less harsher on your hair and straighten quickly due to the negative ions. Some irons have keratin infused in the ceramic plates which straighten hair without causing damage.

Temperature Control Irons

Use your flat irons at the lowest heat setting. Straightening your hair at very high heat may cause your hair to burn and cause dry edges. Go for a straightener that has temperature control and use it at low temperatures to minimize damage. Also, your straightener loses heat when used halfway and needs time to come to an optimum temperature again. This causes you to repeat the straightener many times to straighten your hair. Temperature control will adjust its temperature quickly according to its usage.

Oils And Masks

You need regular hair nourishment, oiling, and protein treatments in order to retain its nourishment, shine, and health. Get a good quality protein mask, one which has keratin and aloe vera, and apply to your hair weekly. Oil your hair and wrap it with a hot towel so the nutrients could be penetrated into the scalp.

You can also use natural kitchen products to give shine and health to your hair such as coconut milk, honey, egg, yogurt, and aloe vera. Using a mixture of these and applying them to your hair twice a week before shampooing will make your hair strong and also aid in the straightening process. Regularly applying natural products to your hair will reduce the damage and improve the condition of your hair.

Sealing And Repairing Serum

Finally, when you are done with the straightening, seal your hair with a repairing and nourishing serum. This will act as a top coat to protect your straightening, keep the straightened hair for longer, reduce frizz and make your hair shiny and will repair it continuously and make your straightened hair look more beautiful.


Your hair is your major asset and you need to take care of it. When your hair looks beautiful then you also look beautiful. Use these ways to minimize damage to your hair and also carry a straight hair look. Get tips from a Brazilian keratin salon Potomac to permanently straighten your hair.

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