How to choose the best antique rugs?

Without a doubt, the living room can be considered the heart of your home. This is the room where you will be spending a significant chunk of your time. Hence, it makes sense why you must keep it in top shape so that it is cozy and relaxing. The addition of antique rugs in your living room can greatly enhance its elegance and make it cozy.

However, with so many options out there, it sometimes becomes difficult to make the right choice. The living room is a space where you can enjoy fun and recreational activities. This means that the living room also has a high amount of traffic.

Choosing the best area rug

So, before choosing a rug for your living room, you need to remember a few sets of rules. In this article, we will talk about all the thing that you need to consider before buying a rug for your living room.

Traffic in the room

This is one of the most important factors that many homeowners do not consider. You see, living rooms typically have a high amount of traffic. If you have a high-traffic living room, then your area rug material must be robust. Sturdy materials such as wool are perfect for living rooms since they can withstand high traffic. On the other hand, the traffic in the bedroom is usually not too high. So, it is important for you to choose the material of your rug carefully.

Pattern choice and the color

You can find area rugs in various patterns and colors. If you go to any decent rug store, you will find a huge inventory to choose from. Make sure that you are choosing the color of your rug based on the palette and design of your room in which you will put it.

If you want to place the rug in a living that has plenty of color, then choosing a neutral or solid color would do you good. However, if your living room or bedroom has a neutral color palette, then you might want to go with a pattern that is striking to the eyes.

Arrangement of the floor

It is very important to choose a rug depending on the arrangement of your floor. For different types of spaces, you might need a different layout. Overall, the choice of your rug would depend on whether you have a floating arrangement, a classic arrangement, or any other arrangement.


It is very important for you to take care of your rug after buying it. After all, area rugs are like an investment and not cheap at all. So, you must consider all the factors that we have mentioned above. Among the various things that you must look after include preventing the rug from getting worn out due to high traffic. Furthermore, ensuring spills and slips will also be your responsibility.

Buying a foundation for your rug, such as a rug pad, improves the safety of using a rug. It will also prevent slips while walking or running across it. Furthermore, rug foundations and pads also give protection to the underside of the rug.


Rugs are a great addition to your living room and can change the entire look of your indoors. Hence it is important to make the right considerations before choosing any rug. Once you are fully satisfied, then buy it. Getting advice from interior professionals can also help.

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