Dos And Don’ts Of Kitchen Countertop Replacement

Renovating your kitchen entirely is a time-consuming and costly process. To update your kitchen with a complete makeover, homeowners consider countertop replacement. This guide will show you the dos and don’ts you should keep in mind when removing old countertops and installing new countertops.

Do Consider Different Kinds Of Countertop Materials

Many stones and materials are used for kitchen countertops. Each material has its distinctive appeal.

  • Granite: Granite is a favorite material for kitchen countertops. They are durable and heat-resistant, and you can find a huge variety of colors and patterns to suit your needs. They are costly and you need to seal them every 1-2 years.
  • Marble: Marble is considered a beautiful countertop material that has unique veining and patterns in every slab. It is a luxurious countertop option due to its cost. It’s a high-priced material, but it can get scratched and stained fairly easily. Moreover, it also needs sealing.
  • Quartz: Quartz is an engineered stone made as an alternative to granite. The color range of quartz countertops is endless and many can look like granite and marble. Quartz counters are stain and scratch-resistant. Moreover, they don’t need sealing.

More kitchen countertop materials are soapstone, quartzite, butcher block, laminate, stainless steel, concrete, ceramic tile, and solid surface countertops.

Don’t Get The Measurements Wrong

Measurements are critical for the proper installation of the counters. You also need to consider the strength and integrity of the cabinets before the installation. Therefore, involve an installer from the first step of the countertop replacement otherwise, you may end up buying more countertop slabs or having leaky countertops from the sink area, or anything else.

Do Consider The Style And Function

If you’re replacing only the countertop, the design and color of the countertop should go well with the cabinets and theme of the kitchen. For a complete countertop replacement, have a look at your cabinet doors as well and replace them or at least paint them.

Moreover, consider the weight of the new slab. You don’t want the cabinets to get damaged when a heavy countertop slab is placed on them. This is why professional installation is the best because contractors do this every day so they can easily see if the cabinets can take the weight of the countertop or not. They will also take care of the correct fitting of the slab.

Don’t Select Cheap Countertop Materials

Choosing a cheap countertop option is tempting because it is easy on the budget and you may also find a variety of colors, but they will wear out sooner than you would expect. This means you will have to go through the process of old countertop removal, new countertop selection, measurement of the area, and countertop installation again. Cheap materials will cost you more money in the long run.

High-quality countertops are expensive, but keep in mind that a good countertop like granite or quartz will increase your home’s value or the money isn’t going to waste.

Do Learn How To Maintain Your Countertop Material

Selecting the right countertop is not the only factor in the longevity of the countertop. Maintenance counts as well. To avoid discoloring, staining, or cracking your new countertop, learn the maintenance practices for the countertop material you have chosen.

For instance, granite countertops are durable and heat-resistant, but you should use coasters for hot pans and avoid putting hot pans directly on the countertop. Similarly, cutting directly on the surface will scratch the surface and its sealing. And you need to periodically seal the countertop for an extended lifespan.

Don’t Chase Trendy Designs

Trendy designs look awesome, but for a short amount of time. They become outdated quickly and lose their attraction due to this reason. So, choose classic and timeless colors and patterns that stay in trend for a long time. Therefore, consult experts who can easily guide you on the themes and designs that are beautiful yet timeless.

That being said, choose trendy designs only if you are fine with updating your kitchen countertops every year.


Countertop replacements are costly so they must be done right. Set a budget early and select the material that works for you and the theme of the kitchen. Moreover, get help from granite countertop installers Durham NC for perfect installation.

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