7 Best Tips For New Magicians

Magicians are special but they aren’t some carefully selected people by a mega magician. Magic is a skill that can be learned by anybody, given that the person puts in the effort. Some new magicians make the mistake of considering that only magic props can make a magic trick work. Magic pros work when the magic is skilled and has practiced the trick many times. Without further ado, here are the best tips for new magicians.

Start Small With A Few Tricks

You can’t become a pro magician with dozens of tricks up your sleeve overnight. Start with basic and easy tricks like card tricks or coin tricks. For your shows, cards and coins can be all you may need.

Moreover, when you’ll have only a few tricks to perform, you’ll practice them and master them. A magic trick amazes the audience when the magician performs a trick convincingly, and the practice will help you do that.

Add Your Elements To A Trick

When starting out, you won’t have a signature or unique trick. You’ll be beginning with the simplest and most common tricks. Your audience will have seen the tricks before if they are common and they won’t remain exciting.

Magic tricks become exciting and new when the magicians add their own element and unique style to the trick. This practice refreshes the trick and it becomes the magician’s own thing.

Practice, Practice, Practice

A magician must have mastered the tricks they are performing. For mastering a trick, you have to practice a lot. As we discussed that performing magic tricks is a skill so the only way to improve your skill and perfect a certain trick, you have to practice.

During a magic trick, there are many moves that are intentional but are shown to the audience as natural and organic. It takes time to perfect those types so they appear natural.

Keep in mind that making the moves flawlessly is one part of the trick. Engaging the audience is the other part. Your interaction and engagement with the audience can make or break a trick so you should also practice and memorize how you’ll present the trick and what will you talk about during the trick.

When practicing, you may be comfortable performing the magic alone, but you should practice a trick in front of some people or an audience as well. Attend a small party and perform your trick.

Develop A Unique Selling Point

You have to make yourself unique from other magicians and therefore, you should develop a unique selling point of yours. You should create a persona for yourself that you want the audience to see and you’re comfortable. Your trick, style, and interactions should have something that no other magician has.

Watch Other Magicians

Watching and learning from other magicians is the easiest and most effective way to develop their magician’s instincts and skills. You should couple this with study material for magicians. However, watching professionals perform magic tricks is gold for you. You’ll learn a lot about presentation and entertaining the audience. You can start with YouTube, but you will find many kinds of magicians there. Only follow skilled magicians and avoid watching the videos of amateurs.

Don’t Copy Others

It’s tempting to simply copy the whole act of another magician you saw on a video. You can use the magic tricks of others or common magic tricks performed by many magicians, but using the same script and style as other magicians can damage your reputation and creativity.

Therefore, use any magic you want but add your style and persona to the trick and use your own ways to engage the audience.

Don’t Buy Too Many Tricks

When learning you’ll come across many magic tricks and would want to buy them. Instead of spending money on the latest tricks, begin with the classics that don’t require many props. You can use a few decks of cards or ropes to begin practicing.


Practicing magic tricks and adding your spin to old tricks are the tips you should always keep in mind. Browse items on a magic shop online to find the items you can practice with. Lastly, magic tricks are for enjoyment so don’t forget to have fun.

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