Insomnia Alert! Can Chocolate Help You Sleep? Yes or No

After a weeks grind at work or at school, we all look forward to the weekend just to catch up with sleep. For some, it’s the most productive thing to do rather than to party all night long, it’s the easiest task actually. But for others, sleep seems to be the most difficult activity to do. To the point that they have to visit sleep study centers just to figure what they should do in order to find sleep like a child’s play.

Sweet Tooth Cravings and Midnight Snacking

Have you ever experienced having a sleepy head a few minutes after you had a satisfying lunch or dinner? Or the moment you have sat on your couch you just suddenly drifted off? It’s the most common effect once you’re full. It’s like the side effect of getting your tummy too happy.

Satisfying your cravings gives you so much satisfaction like it’s the happiest day of your life. Most people, especially women, crave for sweet food or snacks. Usually before and after their monthly period, whenever they’re sad or just wanted to have their satisfaction food to celebrate life. Chocolate drinks, cakes, and other pastries are just some of the common food and drinks that trigger our sweet teeth, but the most favored of them all is the legendary chocolate.

Milk chocolate, white chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, dark chocolate, plain chocolate, chocolate with nuts or almonds, chocolates with mixed fruits, chocolate with cookies or inside fillings, chocolate with mint, mixed chocolate, flavored chocolate and chocolate dips, regardless of its type, shape and size, the country where it came from, and the brand, it still chocolate and we love it – period.

It’s a “to-go” and “carry anywhere” kind of food that you can easily buy at any convenience store and just stuff it in your bag as you travel. Or is sometimes the first thing that comes to mind every night you wanted to grab a quick snack.

Chocolates are for an Extra Kick

But the million dollar question here is “ Will chocolate help those with sleeping problems to easily find sleep?”, the winning answer is “No”. Chocolate lovers know this. That whenever you dig into munch your favorite chocolate bar, you just feel boosted. Aside from the fact that it tickles your taste senses, one natural reason also is that chocolate has caffeine. Although not all chocolate has the same content of caffeine, the dark chocolate ones have more of it.

Therefore, any dessert that is contained with dark chocolate should be avoided late at night or whenever you wanted to sleep early. More importantly, if you have sleeping problems or insomnia, check this off your sweet cravings list because it will not, at all, help you get to Slumberland. But here’s something to make you happy, white chocolates have very little caffeine content so you can take a few bites of this snow white confection anytime you like.


Here’s a short list of some of the food that you can take and should avoid before going to dreamland. Most especially those who are having trouble in sleeping and those with insomnia.

The Sweet Dreams Support Food

We all unanimously agree that the moment we’ve decided to go to bed and feel that soft, cottony pillow on our heads, we’re all set to hit the sack. But just a heads up. There are certain foods that you can eat before your bedtime that will surely support your sleeping activity.

  • Cherries – this famous cake topping has melatonin that helps normal people sleep well and improves the sleeping time of those suffering from insomnia.
  • Milk – a warm glass of this drink that brings us a lot of childhood memories does not only have amino acid, but also tryptophan and serotonin that makes you feel more sleepy.
  • Cereal – a bowl of cereal with milk for your before-bedtime snack is the perfect duo to make you sleep better and longer.
  • Bananas – eating this in your pajamas will make you drift off easily. This is because of magnesium and potassium that are not only healthy vitamins but supports your body to easily fall asleep.

The Nocturnal Food Bunch

Here are some of the food you should abstain from if you wanted to go to bed easily or if you’re having a sleeping disorder, then you should definitely avoid them no matter how enticing and refreshing they may be inside your fridge or anywhere you are.

  • Chicken – make sure to have this earlier than your usual dinner time or preferably at lunch. Why? Because this protein-based course will slow down your metabolism, making your body work on the digestion process rather than conditioning your entire senses to doze off.
  • Curry – it’s the spice content of this delectable dish that will crash your bedtime plans. The effect of too much spice will not only lead you to heartburn but will keep you awake longer than you’ve expected.
  • Mountain Dew and Energy drinks – they both have caffeine that is equivalent to an espresso at Starbucks. But rather than drinking this, might as well drink cups of your regular coffee. It’s safer and healthier.
  • Wine – this classy drink, as well know, contains alcohol, which will completely destroy your sleeping routine. It will not only keep you awake longer but will also reduce or interrupt your sleeping hours.

With this simple guide, if you’re someone who’s dealing with insomnia or other sleeping disorders make a regular appointment with your insomnia treatment Rockville – Germantown – MD – Maryland center to properly advise about the foods that you should be taking to improve and help you get back on your sleeping habits. So you shouldn’t only cut your chocolate intake but consider other food as well.

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